Historic Formula Ford HSCC

McArthur and Mitchell triumphant as Jackson hits trouble

Tom McArthur won an exciting slipstreaming contest with Ben Mitchell in Historic Formula Ford today, but Cam Jackson’s race ended early after a collision with a backmarker.

Jackson’s Winklemann, McArthur’s Titan and Mitchell’s Merlyn Mk20 had been running as a close drafting group for seven of the race’s nine laps, with Jackson perhaps leading more than the other two, but with plenty of changes of position and very close passes. They were joined towards the end by Classic Team Merlyn’s Samuel Harrison to make a four, but became a trio once more when Jackson hit Michael Richings’s Alexis from behind close to the Wing pit straight, ending up beached on the grass. Richings also had to retire. Neither driver was hurt, but Jackson’s car appears to have sustained serious chassis damage and is unlikely to be out tomorrow.

McArthur had the upper hand for the remaining two laps, but Mitchell never gave up, briefly leading at one point. He also had the attentions of Harrison to manage and held the younger driver off admirably. Harrison was third.

Fourth place went to Jamie Vinall-Meyer, driving a Jamun T3 previously raced by Shaun Hollamby. Despite his lack of Formula Ford experience, he held his own and showed good pace. He was unable to fend off Harrison, but equally, he put a useful distance between himself and Dominik Jackson (Crossle 20F) and Simon Toyne’s Lola. Jackson and Toyne were locked in combat for the whole race, with plenty of aggressive moves going in but none really sticking. Jackson was fifth and Toyne sixth.

A fascinating Over 50 class race-within-a-race followed. Class winner Ross Drybrough was seventh in his March 709 after just seeing off Chris Porritt’s Merlyn Mk20. Cormac Flanagan (Alexis Mk14) and Brian Morris (Lola T200) had led the group earlier in the race. Flanagan held on for a strong ninth place, but Morris dropped back after a spin and finished 12th. Rob Smith’s Merlyn Mk20 was also a contender, but a sticking throttle meant he had to keep taking his foot off the accelerator and went wide at Brooklands. He was tenth, with the Merlyn of Tim Brise behind him in 11th.

Tom Pearson, the youngest driver on the grid, had put his Merlyn Mk11A/17 among the Over 50 leaders, but an over-ambitious move around Drybrough dropped him to 14th, a long way behind Morris and Scott Rawlinson’s Merlyn Mk11A. Freddie Lillingston-Price, another young driver in a Mk11, had to retire after contact with Rawlinson, losing a nosecone.

Full results at TSL Timing

By Rachel Harris-Gardiner

Rachel Harris-Gardiner is the editor of Vintage Formula Ford and former Historic editor for She is a regular contributor to Autosport and Motorsport News and writes her own blog about women in motorsport, Speedqueens.

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