Historic Formula Ford HSCC

Jackson wins again as Harrison’s challenge falters

Cam Jackson has competed a clean sweep of Formula Ford 1600 wins at the HSCC Wolds Trophy after his chief challenger Samuel Harrison retired from the last race.

Harrison, 17, had been matching Jackson’s pace in his Elden Mk8 all weekend and had set the fastest lap of the race, but he retired from a strong second place on lap 4 and handed Winkelmann driver Jackson his fourth win of the weekend at his home track. Harrison was attempting a pass on Jackson but backed out as Jackson hadn’t seen him, sending his car on to the grass where the nose dug in.

If the win seemed a dead cert after Harrison’s demise, then the rest of the field was determined to provide some unpredictability. Classic Team Merlyn’s Horatio Fitz-Simon was second, having passed Matt Wrigley in his Merlyn Mk11A/20 in the opening laps. Fitz-Simon was gaining somewhat on Jackson towards the end as he was doing a good job of avoiding backmarkers, but Jackson was too quick.

Wrigley’s race started indifferently and he lost a couple of places from his third on the grid. He had a tussle with Ross Drybrough’s Merlyn Mk20 midway through the race and passed the English-based Scotsman in the closing laps for fourth. Drybrough had to make do with fifth and Over 50s winner; his chief class rival Brian Morris retired his Lola T202 on the opening lap. Paul Unsworth’s Lola had also been part of this group but he too retired on lap 7.

In front of Wrigley and Drybrough was Danny Stanzl’s Elden Mk8. He scored his debut podium of the season after a nightmare first race; a very near miss with a backmarker dropped him to the back of the chasing pack. This time, he kept ahead of Wrigley and Drybrough and kept out of trouble, and was not far off the pace of Fitz-Simon.

Tim Brise was sixth in another Mk20, ahead of Kevin Stanzl’s Crossle 16F, which had qualified in 12th place. Alex Meek’s Merlyn was next, having been right at the back at one point early on. Chris Porritt, in another Merlyn, was ninth on the line, only a few tenths behind Meek. George Ditchfield completed the top ten in his Elden.

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Simms back on top of the Mountain

Benn Simms was back to winning form at Cadwell Park for this afternoon’s HSCC Wolds Trophy Formula Ford 2000 race.

Simms’s yellow Reynard SF77 was once again in its familiar position right out in front of the field, with its driver buoyed by success in both Historic Formula 3 races. Race 1 winner and polesitter Andrew Park was disposed of very quickly on the first lap and it was his turn to run the gauntlet of backmarkers this time. Simms was hampered by slower cars on his final lap yesterday and Park had some obstacles with which to contend today.

Park, driving a Reynard SF81, was in a safe second by the end of the race but he was challenged at a couple of points by Graham Fennymore, who was third in his SF81. Fennymore in turn was pushed by the race’s sole Classic entrant, Murray Shepherd, who even got past him for a short time in the closing laps. Shepherd, driving a Van Diemen RF82, benefited from the early retirement of Paul Allen’s Delta T78 but he was more than capable of podium pace.

Ian Pearson (Royale RP30) held fifth place, but was only a couple of tenths ahead of Ben Glasswell’s Reynard SF77. He had been squabbling with Graham Ridgway’s SF78 and must have been relieved when it disappeared on the final lap. This promoted Adrian Reynard to seventh, having won the qualification heat in his SF79. Brian Morris had been runner-up in the heat but could not get past Stephen Glasswell in the final itself. Reynard, Glasswell and Morris were part of a five-car SF79 queue, along with tenth-placed Andrew Storer and Jennifer Ridgway in 11th. Adrian Langridge (Crossle 41F) had been part of this group but also retired late on.

Fraser Collins was the winner of Class B, finishing 17th in his Lola T580. It was a considerable struggle to even get on the grid, as his car decided to stop working in the first heat and he had to work his way from the back to even qualify for the main race.

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Classic Formula Ford HSCC

Harrison pushes Jackson all the way at Cadwell

Cam Jackson has won the second Classic Formula Ford race of the weekend at Cadwell Park, but only after surviving a late charge from Samuel Harrison.

Elden Mk8 driver Harrison was just 0.242s behind the reigning champion’s Winkelmann on the line, having fought back from a wobbly first lap and actually gone faster than Jackson towards the end. This follows a serious challenge to Jackson by Harrison in yesterday’s Historic race and sets up an intriguing new rivalry.

Jackson got an efficient start and had begun to pull away from Harrison, but he was challenged by backmarkers and not quite able to lose sight of him. Harrison was overtaken by Rick Morris in his Royale RP21 on the first lap, but retook his position to chase Jackson once more.

Class A winner Morris was a rather lonely third, over 40 seconds behind Harrison and considerably ahead of fourth-placed Stuart Kesternbaum, driving a Van Diemen RF79. Kestenbaum had pulled ahead of Paul Unsworth’s Lola T200 early on and withstood a challenge from Mark Harrison in another Royale, who had been scrapping with Unsworth and finished just ahead of him in fifth.

Harrison Junior, Jordan, made the start of the race after an emergency wishbone repair to his Lola T540E. From the back of the grid, he made his way into the top ten on his first lap, but it wasn’t to be and the car expired again before he had a chance to put in another one.

The grid was shared with a small number of Heritage FF1600 cars; the best of these was Simon Jackson’s Lanan 1604, which gave him a seventh place and a double Jackson family class win. His fellow Heritage competitor Tom Roark was eighth in a Van Diemen RF92.

Series regulars Colin Williams (PRS RH01) and Alan Fincham (Van Diemen RF80) rounded out the top ten.

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Historic Formula Ford HSCC

Harrison makes it tough at the top for Jackson

Cam Jackson won the first of this weekend’s two HSCC Historic Formula Ford races, but a new challenger kept him looking in his mirrors.

Samuel Harrison was right on the tailpipe of Jackson’s Winkelmann from the start and stubbornly refused to let Jackson dominate. His Elden Mk8 was almost as quick as the Winkelmann and the leading pair were more than 30s ahead of the rest of the field by the time the chequered flag came out. Harrison was rarely more than 0.6s away from his rival until the closing laps, when Jackson pulled out a lead of almost 2s over the Yorkshire teenager.

Matt Wrigley was third in his dark-green Merlyn Mk11A/20, having passed Horatio Fitz-Simon’s Merlyn Mk20 on the final lap. Wrigley had come out on top of a lengthy scrum just outside the podium positions, led at different times by Brian Morris (Lola T202), Danny Stanzl’s Elden and Fitz-Simon. The number 56 Merlyn of Fitz-Simon appeared to be having a few issues; he dropped to fifth on the second lap after starting third and only fighting back late on, to then be overtaken by Wrigley.

Stanzl was also unlucky, having worked his way to the front of the group and run as high as third, only to be passed by Morris and left behind. Over 50 class winner Morris was fifth and Stanzl sixth.

Ross Drybrough was seventh in his Merlyn Mk20. He ran well at Cadwell last year and ran his own race, just ahead of Tim Brise (Merlyn Mk20) in eighth. Alex Meek, in a Merlyn Mk20A, was ninth, having passed Kevin Stanzl’s Crossle and benefited from the retirement of Glenn Eagling’s distinctive green Lotus 61MX. Stanzl Senior was twelfth, behind Jeremy Caine in Neil Fowler’s Lola T200.

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Park is Saturday’s king of the Mountain

Andrew Park scored a last-lap victory in the first Formula Ford 2000 final of this weekend’s HSCC Wolds Trophy.

This means that the 2019 champion, driving a Reynard SF81, has laid down a challenge to championship leader Benn Simms, who was second after leading the majority of the race in his SF77.

Simms was quick but not quite in the dominant form he showed at Snetterton. Park refused to let him screech off into the distance, attacking where necessary. By half-distance the two drivers were roughly equal on lap times and less than a second apart. A very rapid final lap was enough to catch and pass Simms for the win.

Third-placed Graham Fennymore (Reynard SF81) also pulled off a last-lap pass, knocking Paul Allen’s Delta DT78 out of podium contention despite Allen’s seemingly-secure third spot. Fennymore had already taken back fourth place from Murray Shepherd, whose Van Diemen RF82 was the only Class FF2000 car on the grid. Shepherd had qualified fifth in his group and worked his way up from ninth on the grid.

Shepherd was followed home by Ian Pearson’s Royale RP30. Pearson had won his own private skirmish with Graham Ridgway’s SF78, demoting the latter to seventh.

The large FF2000 entry meant that qualifying heats were held for those who finished below fifth in the main session. The winner of Saturday’s heat was Ben Glasswell, driving a Reynard SF77. He finished the main race in tenth place, ahead of Adrian Reynard, who had come through the heat in fourth in a 1979 Reynard. Between Ridgway and Glasswell were the SF79s of Andrew Storer and Stephen Glasswell.

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Classic Formula Ford HSCC

Jackson cruises to Cadwell victory as Chart misses out

Cam Jackson won his first race of the weekend in HSCC Classic Formula Ford. The Winkelmann driver, at his home circuit, was denied the challenge of Henry Chart but had a new rival in Samuel Harrison.

Chart was due to start from second but did not get on to the grid after blowing His Van Diemen RF81’s engine up in qualifying. This left Jordan Harrison (Lola T540E) and Samuel Harrison in an Elden Mk8 to try and catch Jackson.

Neither was able to get on his tail, but Samuel Harrison rapidly gained on Jordan Harrison, passing his more experienced rival on lap 5. He continued to gain ground while the Lola driver struggled with suspension troubles, sliding down the timesheet and into retirement.

This left Samuel Harrison to attempt an attack on Jackson, but he was now increasing in pace and pulling away. Harrison held a safe second place from Rick Morris’s Royale RP21, promoted to third place. Some way behind, Paul Unsworth was fourth in his Lola T200, having sneaked past Stuart Kestenbaum’s 1979 Van Diemen on the penultimate lap.

The lower reaches of the top ten were the site of a lot of position-shuffling; a disrupted qualifying meant that some of the slower entrants found themselves higher up the grid than usual and took their chances. Mark Harrison was sixth, having qualified eleventh in the Royale RP21 raced by son Jordan Harrison last year. He was followed by the PRS RH01 of Colin Williams and Ben Hadfield in a Van Diemen RF78. Both Hadfield and ninth-placed Alan Fincham (Van Diemen RF80) travelled up and down the places in this middle pack before settling into eighth and ninth.

Richard Yeomans was tenth in his Crossle 25F. Robin Haslam sorted out his Alexis Mk15 after his qualifying tangle with Hadfield to finish twelfth, behind Laurie Hughes’s Van Diemen RF78.

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