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Peter Drennan gets back on track

2020 HSCC Formula Ford 2000 champion Peter Drennan (81 in the pic above) has been missing from the circuits for over a year, but now he’s racing again.

After successfully predicting a red flag to the second during a Roadsports race, he spoke to VFF about what he’s up to.

The Irishman had bought a new car after his 2020 win and planned to defend his title, but Covid put paid to that plan, meaning that the Brands Hatch season opener was the first time he had driven the car in anger.

“The goal changed last year. After the win in 2020 we sold the winner car. We took a trade-in of another car to try to bring it up the grid a bit.

“It didn’t suit for me to race in 2021 after Covid and all that, so we decided to get it going now for 2022.

“I don’t know how I didn’t get ill as I was away as much as I could, but so far I haven’t caught the pox!”

Drennan’s title-winning car was a Reynard SF79 and despite being of average height and build, it wasn’t always the most comfortable for him to drive.

“The chassis was actually quite small. Before Covid we were supposed to go to Spa. Obviously I ended up in another Reynard chassis which was actually a little bit bigger and really comfortable to get in straight away. I ended up getting into that ’79 one and I was cramped as hell.

“You were driving by your backside, which is what I like, but the Reynard was never comfortable.”

His new Royale RP27 seems a better fit.

“I can kind of throw it about a bit, get it out of shape. I’ve got a bit more confidence in the car.”

The question remains how much of the season Drennan is going to do, but he has been in this situation before and ended up winning a championship. If he racks up a win later on, then plans might change.

“For 2020 I’d no intention of doing the whole season either, and somehow how we ended up doing the whole season. I don’t think it’s going to happen this year though.”