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Champion’s chat: Jordan Harrison

Jordan Harrison started his Classic Formula Ford title defence with a pair of wins at Snetterton. Vintage Formula Ford spoke to him and asked about the keys to his success.

Harrison is modest about his domination of the Snetterton races, quick to point out that his rivals’ problems and mistakes contributed to his wins. Tom McArthur suffered a damaged wheel hub, dropping him to sixth, while others tripped each other up.

“I was fortunate because I had a bit of a race with Tom {McArthur} at the start, but I got a really good tow and a good couple of laps, then they were squabbling. I don’t really know whether they were showing their true pace, because they were swapping places.”

He also credits the Shaws Motorsport team that looks after his car for getting it how he likes it and allowing him to challenge so strongly.

“We’ve made the car a bit more pointy and I can cope with it better. It is faster, even though it isn’t quite as comfortable.”

He has also improved as a driver. Harrison is actually quite inexperienced, with only four seasons of racing under his belt, usually in the Lola T540E that he races alongside his father, Mark, who has raced a Royale RP21 since 2021.

“We pulled the car out of the garage in 2015 and we first tested it in ’16, and then we went racing in ’18. I did a couple of races and we shared the car in ’18 and ’19. Then 2020, I raced the Royale RP21 for half the year and last year I raced the Lola.”

31-year-old Harrison did not have a typical motorsport childhood of karting either, despite having a father who was active in the sport.

“I did a little bit of karting at university, but I played rugby and other stuff.”

He still works with his father on their cars.

“He’s retired now, so he’s got more time!”

Both Jordan and Mark Harrison will be racing all season in the Classic championship.

Image courtesy of Andrew Ellis