Classic Formula Ford HSCC

Jordan Harrison wraps up Class A title with double win

Jordan Harrison has been crowned Class A champion in the HSCC Classic Formula Ford championship, following two wins at Mallory Park.

Harrison, driving a Lola T540E, qualified on pole in the morning. A relatively small grid made the task of winning look easy on paper, especially with Harrison’s chief rivals Henry Chart and Cam Jackson absent, but in some ways it was his to lose rather than win. Mallory is a short track that also looks deceptively easy, but there is nowhere to make up time once it has been lost.

Any pressure did not appear to faze Harrison and he won both races convincingly from Rick Morris. In the first, he pulled out a margin of just over nine seconds, which is impressive on a 50-second lap.

Experience shows at Mallory. Morris’s Royale RP29 was not even the second fastest car on the grid, but he was able to stay ahead. Stuart Kestenbaum, driving his Van Diemen RF80, was a couple of tenths quicker both times but had to settle for third. Kestenbaum, who has said he has driven more laps of Mallory than he cares to remember, always runs well at the Leicestershire circuit.

Samuel Harrison was fourth in Race 1 and his Elden Mk8 was the only car to set a lap time within half a second from the winner’s, but it was his first time at Mallory and he found it hard going, despite keeping pace with Morris and Kestenbaum and even leading both of them at one point. A broken oil cooler ended his challenge; he did not start race 2.

Joe Ahrens, driving a Richard Tarling’s Van Diemen RF80, followed the chasing group home both time, but at a fair distance. He was fifth in Race 1 and fourth in Race 2. The similar car of Alan Fincham was next both times.

Harrison was not the only casualty. Oliver Chapman’s Lola was unable to make the start after qualifying and Dave Lowe’s Lotus expired before the second race after a seventh place in the first.

It was better news for James Fettiplace, who has struggled to get his ex-Mark Armstrong Van Diemen RF80 to the finish all year, but finished a pleasing sixth in Race 2, ahead of Phil Attwood’s Crossle and Tim Bennett’s distinctive Hawke DL21.

Full results at TSL Timing

(Image copyright Shaws Motorsport)

By Rachel Harris-Gardiner

Rachel Harris-Gardiner is the editor of Vintage Formula Ford and former Historic editor for She is a regular contributor to Autosport and Motorsport News and writes her own blog about women in motorsport, Speedqueens.

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