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Jackson wins again as Harrison’s challenge falters

Cam Jackson has competed a clean sweep of Formula Ford 1600 wins at the HSCC Wolds Trophy after his chief challenger Samuel Harrison retired from the last race.

Harrison, 17, had been matching Jackson’s pace in his Elden Mk8 all weekend and had set the fastest lap of the race, but he retired from a strong second place on lap 4 and handed Winkelmann driver Jackson his fourth win of the weekend at his home track. Harrison was attempting a pass on Jackson but backed out as Jackson hadn’t seen him, sending his car on to the grass where the nose dug in.

If the win seemed a dead cert after Harrison’s demise, then the rest of the field was determined to provide some unpredictability. Classic Team Merlyn’s Horatio Fitz-Simon was second, having passed Matt Wrigley in his Merlyn Mk11A/20 in the opening laps. Fitz-Simon was gaining somewhat on Jackson towards the end as he was doing a good job of avoiding backmarkers, but Jackson was too quick.

Wrigley’s race started indifferently and he lost a couple of places from his third on the grid. He had a tussle with Ross Drybrough’s Merlyn Mk20 midway through the race and passed the English-based Scotsman in the closing laps for fourth. Drybrough had to make do with fifth and Over 50s winner; his chief class rival Brian Morris retired his Lola T202 on the opening lap. Paul Unsworth’s Lola had also been part of this group but he too retired on lap 7.

In front of Wrigley and Drybrough was Danny Stanzl’s Elden Mk8. He scored his debut podium of the season after a nightmare first race; a very near miss with a backmarker dropped him to the back of the chasing pack. This time, he kept ahead of Wrigley and Drybrough and kept out of trouble, and was not far off the pace of Fitz-Simon.

Tim Brise was sixth in another Mk20, ahead of Kevin Stanzl’s Crossle 16F, which had qualified in 12th place. Alex Meek’s Merlyn was next, having been right at the back at one point early on. Chris Porritt, in another Merlyn, was ninth on the line, only a few tenths behind Meek. George Ditchfield completed the top ten in his Elden.

Full results at TSL Timing

By Rachel Harris-Gardiner

Rachel Harris-Gardiner is the editor of Vintage Formula Ford and former Historic editor for She is a regular contributor to Autosport and Motorsport News and writes her own blog about women in motorsport, Speedqueens.

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